No, fearless people are not superheroes. Cultivate their special traits to become fearless too.

Surrendering to your fears is the most painful suffering you can endure in life.

Fear, throughout history, has been the biggest obstacle humans had to face. Nobody is immune to it. It’s universal. We all have things that scare us and make our heartbeat rise and our forehead sweat.


Frame your world in your way and create a reality that’s in your favor.

Useful tip: Before you start reading observe the picture for 5 seconds.

Einstein once said: “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one ”. What we think as reality, in fact, is just an interpretation of it.

The reality we experience — in scientific terms — is the compound of…

Your capacity to believe in yourself is unlimited— An honest wake-up call.

Most people believe they lack money, fame, a sports car, a jacked body. What they lack in fact, is true confidence. Is to believe in themselves so intensely and strongly to a point that their mind vanishes the smallest hint of self-doubt.

Right now you probably experience life with all…

Introspect to be sure you’re living a life that’s truly yours and not someone else's.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Self-awareness is the art of living your life aligned with your true self.

But to reach that state is, in fact, very difficult. Because we all possess, in the depths of our souls, emotional blind spots that we can’t see. …

A great psychologist’s, philosopher’s, and writer’s profound ideas to discover your Real Self.

If there was only one common struggle for all humans throughout history, it would be undoubtedly the search for one's self. We all try in one way or another to discover who we really are.

Because innately, somehow we know, we feel it; although how familiar some characteristics feel to…

Who’s worse? A genuine audacious person or an inauthentic “nice” one?

Somewhere between the age of ten, a new family moved next to our house. They had a son, who was three years older than me. He was the definition of audacity and indifference. A generally “bad kid” as my family would label.

Of course, as I was so innocent, it…

Orestis Spanos

I write about a different type of self-actualization. Based on timeless principles of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality.

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