Start to be aware of them if you want to live life to the fullest.

We are walking through life knowing neither our origin nor our exact destination. The only things we possess are some vague memories from our childhood and a few hazy predictions for our future.

Tangled between yesterday and tomorrow, we rarely notice ourselves in the present. We forget to acknowledge our…

By adopting their unique mindsets, you can become more attractive.

We grow up by being conditioned to believe that attractiveness is just an external trait that you either have it or not. However, in fact, being attractive, on a much bigger level, is the expression of your inner-confidence and self-belief, and it can be cultivated.

But, if that’s the case…

Frame your world in your way and create a reality that’s in your favor.

Useful tip: Before you start reading observe the picture for 5 seconds.

Einstein once said: “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one ”. What we think as reality, in fact, is just an interpretation of it.

The reality we experience — in scientific terms — is the compound of…

No, fearless people are not superheroes. Cultivate their special traits to become fearless too.

Surrendering to your fears is the most painful suffering you can endure in life.

Fear, throughout history, has been the biggest obstacle humans had to face. Nobody is immune to it. It’s universal. We all have things that scare us and make our heartbeat rise and our forehead sweat.


Orestis Spanos

I’m an upcoming dentist. I love writing about the psychology of confidence. I also enjoy approaching life in a philosophical but still logical way.

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