Even if we think we do know, in fact, we don’t know anything about us.

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One day, as you’re slightly opening your eyes, you find yourself crying to your mother’s breast. The moment after, you set forth a journey to discover the world. Using your baby-brain you start interacting with strange environments while trying to categorize all the things you grasp into simple boxes such as good or bad.

Years are passing by and as soon as you step into adolescence you realize that you possess an inner self, a more abstract personality, who is way more vulnerable than you’ve ever imagined. …

If you dive in them for a moment, you’ll be shocked about how false they are.

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Within our human nature, there’s an innate curiosity that constantly drives us to search for answers. We always seek a purpose while we’re trying to find meaning in it. So, we offer to our dull lives a spark of emotion and a sense of fluctuation.

This pursuit of searching for answers drifts us to reveal many false beliefs. Hence, we separate ourselves from falsehood. The more answers we find, the more we approach a life of truthfulness. …

Unplug yourself from groupthink to escape “Society’s Matrix”

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Our social nature can become a curse. Society context is limiting us.

As soon as we are born, hopefully for most of us, there is a family that’s waiting with open arms. Within this beautiful social group, our home, we learn behaviors that accommodate us through the rest of our lives.

Within groups, such as family or society in general, we collaborate and create beautiful things thanks to our innate teamwork.

Sometimes though, that strong power that derives from a group fades away. This occurs when each member of the group starts to become receptive and luxuriate to the others.

Frame your world in your way and create a reality that’s in your favor.

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Useful tip: Before you start reading observe the picture for 5 seconds.

Einstein once said: “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one ”. What we think as reality, in fact, is just an interpretation of it.

The reality we experience — in scientific terms — is the compound of our senses’ ability to notice the world’s phenomena and our mind to perceive those happenings while filtering them with our beliefs. Let me explain.

Our mind is very complex and has a huge potential we haven’t explored yet at all. As humans, using this god-sent tool, our brain, we can…

2 myths about self-confidence that you’ve unconsciously integrated through the subtle messages of TV.

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I was born at the beginning of the millennium. I grew up with the rise of TV shows and epic movie stars. As a kid, trapped in the vast and dangerous streets of a city, I was passing a lot of time home, watching television.

Sometimes, I’m wondering how life would be if that box hadn’t been discovered. You see, for the generations that got older watching TV, learning life was and still is a little different experience.

By the time a short film unravels in front of your fledgling eyes, you can grasp ideas, discover places, and observe many…

How your time with grandparents offered you tons of wisdom without realizing it.

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“Orestis your grandpa asked to see you. He’s not well at all. Go downstairs to visit him.”

I was aware of my grandfather's situation. I remember that since the day his health got in a downward spiral, I was really trying to deal with the idea of his death all the time.

It’s tough to lose someone you love. What’s tougher though is coping with the gradual loss that occurs, which is facing the emerging truth; that his departure from this world is inevitable while you can’t do anything about it.

So, burdened with all these heavy thoughts and worries…

How commercial industry influences your beliefs system and psychology to make you buy.

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“Advertising: the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” — Stephen Leacock

You are in a car dealership, looking forward to buying your dream car. You’ve arrived determined. You’ve been collecting money for the last two years so you can buy that new Mercedes Model you’ve been wishing for.

You had deprived yourself of going on vacation and you had been working overtime for six months straight. But, it doesn’t matter now. Because you’re finally here. …

You need to protect your ability to think. This is the only way to act and hence achieve your true desires.

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“You’ve tested positive for Covid-19. You’ll have to stay in isolation-quarantine for ten days.” The moment, I hear those words one thing comes to my mind; Bye social life…once again.

“It seems I’ll stay with the company of myself for one more time. Won’t be bad.” I thought.

I'm still on the fourth day, and the truth is I'm experiencing weird psychological warfare; Emotions are over the place, my energy load-bar is very low but paradoxically I'm not feeling any ill.”

Despite all that stuff, one thing is for sure. I can’t think clearly enough. I don’t know if it's…

The basic psychology of your unconscious to learn how to recognize the “code” and escape your self-made matrix.

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“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.”― Rudyard Kipling

Human beings are fragile and overly flawed. The moment we join the adult world, we already possess on our backs a chest of traumatic experiences that circulate our lives, via the automatic responses of our unconscious.

Hopefully, though, we are programmed from our DNA to be able to protect ourselves; We hide from harsh truths and thus sustain many unbearable realizations that might devastate us. How we’re achieving that?

Innately, in our human psychology, we possess a plethora of mechanisms that help us defend…

Three traits you accidentally grasped through your upbringing that sabotage yourself. Remove them to reveal your real self.

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“Be Yourself”. At first, when I heard that, I wasn’t quite sure what this statement supposed to mean. I didn’t like myself anyways. So, how could this be great advice?

Traveling back to my teenage years, I see myself sitting late at night on my bed, wondering in self-pity; “Is this who am I? Am I really that weak and shy?”

Since we are little kids, we look at our parents and society, to learn what’s right and wrong, what’s moral and immoral. …

Orestis Spanos

I’m an upcoming dentist. I love writing about the psychology of confidence. I also enjoy approaching life in a philosophical but still logical way.

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